The coronavirus is canceling life's biggest moments and leaving families heartbroken......

Online Funerals Offer 2 Important Advantages

Lower Cost Than Regular Funeral Services
Family Members And Friends Can Participate Without Travel

Recently 50 people were present and participating in a funeral Online, with another 50 tuning in to watch the live stream of the proceedings.

Our Funeral Service is fully compliant with all 'social distancing' mandates! 

Meet Daniel Prins, Oneline Funeral Expert
The Coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of every American. And there is a broad understanding that we are entering a “new normal” — an upending of our lives that will continue at least until a vaccine is developed — and perhaps well beyond that.
Online Funeral Video Information Channel
From weddings to funerals, the coronavirus is canceling life's biggest moments and leaving families heartbroken......,but we help you make the right decisions in your moment of grief.

Most of the people participating as visitors wait to say something in this area for visitors. It is essentially a Receiving Line Online.

Online Invitations And 'Thank You' Messages
This feature will enable to create and release special information as a pre-funeral announcement and after-funeral expressions of appreciation.
How To Use QR Codes For Your Service
Technology is a tool – it is not the answer – in funeral service – as well as in most service-based, person-to-person industries. QR Codes are no different. They aren’t going to change (or save) the funeral industry, but they are useful tools that you can easily incorporate into your funeral planning.
Online Funeral Tutorial
Online Memorial services are now now available to honor your coronavirus deceased.Here is your 1-page tutorial to get your service organized.
Organize Your Online Funeral Music
A funeral or memorial service serves a variety of purposes. It is a way for family and friends to say goodbye to a loved one. It is a ritual that provides structure and comfort during a very difficult time. It is also a way to honor the life and legacy of the person who died. Music can support all of these purposes as part of a funeral or memorial service.
Flower Delivery
When you order funeral flowers a skilled and compassionate florist works directly with you to ensure that your delivery is timely and accurate.Same-day delivery is often available if you order before 3:00pm.

Music Request
Requesting that a favorite piece of music be played on the radio is a thoughtful way to express your feelings for the loved-one you lost,
Funeral Support Online
You can share our calendar with family, friends, and co-workers. Share your main calendar with someone so they can find your schedule.
Read Our Blog
Read the latest updates what is happening in the Online Funeral Business. Many of the news items published will help in your planning.
Generally, it’s up to the families to pay the entire cost. That’s why it’s always better to make pre-funeral payment arrangements before they’re needed. But if that’s not possible, consider taking out a loan.

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